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1 on 1 Online Course

1 on 1 Online Course

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1 Hour

Elevate your artistic skills, dive into the world of stippling with our exclusive 1 on 1 online course led by Patricia. This personalised experience offers you the unique opportunity to receive individualised attention and guidance tailored to your specific needs and artistic goals.

What to Expect:

Personalised Instruction: Benefit from one-on-one guidance that will provide personalised feedback and tips to help you grow as an artist.

Flexible Scheduling: Enjoy the convenience of scheduling your online sessions at a time that fits you, after your purchase, you fill the slot that suits you, then you will be emailed by Patricia personally for more details.

Customised Curriculum: The course content will be tailored to your skill level, interests, and artistic aspirations, ensuring a rewarding and enriching learning experience.

Interactive Learning: Engage in interactive lessons, demonstrations, and hands-on activities designed to enhance your skills and unleash your creativity.

Feedback and Support: Receive constructive feedback, encouragement, and support throughout your artistic journey to help you reach your full potential.

Why Choose Our 1 on 1 Online Course:

Individualised Attention: Experience personalised attention and guidance that is focused solely on your artistic development.

Convenience: Learn from the comfort of your own space without the need to travel, saving you time and effort.

Expertise: Benefit from the expertise and insights of Patricia who is dedicated to helping you achieve your artistic goals.

Inspiration: Be inspired and motivated to explore new techniques, styles, and approaches to art under the mentorship of a seasoned artist.

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